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all before bedtime...
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deviation in storage by Clinkorz
deviation in storage by Clinkorz
deviation in storage by Clinkorz
This is a tag journal. Because PokreatiaForms is a loser and I'm just sitting on my aunts couch with nothing specific to do on my laptop...

1) You must post these rules
2) Share 10 facts about yourself
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag
4) Choose 10 people and put 10 icons in their journal
5) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that".
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7) No tag-backs.
8) You can't say that you don't do tags.
9) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

★10 Facts About Me★

1. I really like Otome games (dating sims for girls) but I don't have money for good ones and the free ones I've been able to play all have garbage writing, and I find it really sad that the ones that I have found that were decent got me so excited. (Not like many of them are, like, stellar, but...)

2. The anxiety of being on time leads me to show up at engagements, like, an hour or four early.

3. Half-human mythical creatures really really fascinate me, if only aesthetically. They're fun to draw and look at and just exist in the minds of people.

4. I feel really insecure when people don't share as much with me compared to what I share with them and I find myself struggling to keep sharing as much as I used to when I so much as suspect an imbalance of sharing.

5. I watched and paid to see the Book of Life in 3D three times in theaters and saw a bootleg version in Spanish on YouTube. I watched it once more on DVD with Pokeri who didn't believe I only saw it 3 times what with the amount of lines I could recite (apparently???? idk it was normal for me imo).

6. For that single term I was in college, I met someone in my math class who, when we exchanged tumblr URLS, I realized I followed someone who @'d them frequently. Apparently my underclassman from when I was in high school (who I follow on tumblr) is her younger sister. Whoops!

7. The swimmer boys from Free! aka "swimming anime" have really ruined my life, like, I can go for months but I'll spontaneously cry about them out of no where sometimes it's kind of scary, but I really really love them help me....... ........... ............ I almost didn't even watch it.............. I considered the whole anime to be a joke...... ............. .......................... and now......... .......... ................. ................. ........... ............

8. I joined a business and I'm still learning the ropes and how to function and I'm not doing a good job about it but it's pretty nice! It's a business that requires me to get over social anxieties in order to flourish so I really really have to work hard. ;v;''

9. Because of a business convention FOR said business, from Feb 1st to Feb 9th, I had the pleasure of being a dumbass with Pokeri in person so that was fun. I got to make her blankets smell of butt. Ah, but because it felt sort of surreal and I was probably still feeling nervous because it'd been a year and some months since I saw her last, my mom seemed more excited to see her than me and was bouncing excitedly when she pulled up to our motel.

10. The score is 1-1 when it comes to "HEY YOU YOU'RE HERE WITH ME, LOOK AT THIS THING Wait why are you asleep." (Pokeri fell asleep when I tried to show her Paranorman because it was like 4 in the morning; and I fell asleep so i wouldn't throw up while she tried to show me things in Wind Waker)

★ Pokii's Questions ★

1. What is your favorite bad pun?
★It's a tie between "Why do seagulls live by the sea? ...Because if they lived by the bay, they'd be BAGELS" and "You know what really gets my goat? ....El Chupacabra" ..but does that count as a pun?

2. What is your favorite fairy tale?
★I can't think of one off the top of my head besides the Little Mermaid (and Cinderella but I'm not crazy fond of it) but after looking through some, The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs was good and also the Boy Who Drew Cats.

3. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Power mimicry or time stopping powers. Power mimicry would be cool in general but time stopping would be so good for my anxiety holy smack.

4. What's your greatest fear?
★My avoidant tendencies being misinterpreted as "laziness" or "antisocial" or anything negative towards the other party really.

5. What brings you the most pleasure?
★Drawing things that make my friends happy. OCs especially.

6. What food could you never get tired of eating?
★Rice, but only because I already eat it with practically every meal of the day.

7. What kind of music do you like listening to when you're down?
★It varies by which kind of "down" I'm in, I think... Some are more helpful with getting over my sad feelings, some just make it worse and I can't get out of the slump ha;;

8. If you could become a Pokemon (or animal, if you're not a Pokemon fan blasphemy), what would you choose to become?
★Ditto, because I can become a cute little blob full of potential! That is, if we're not going by game logic...

9. What is your best stress-reliever?
★Crying probably. Or does that make me more stressed? Not sure. If not crying, then looking through some tags on tumblr (generally Nitori Aiichirou, jellyfish, or ghosties.. more recently is soft guro, but I think that also stresses me out)

10. Do you have that one person you could just talk about anything and everything with? If so, who is that person?
★Pokeri, even if recently it's been a little hard for me somehow. uvù (Sorry that you'll only learn of this in this silly li'l tag thing, Pokii.)

1. What's your ideal date? (Can be platonic and/or romantic date.)
2. Which song do you feel would define a majority of your childhood?
3. What character (from anything, really) do you feel strongly connected to? (As anything, such as: muse, fictional datefriend, platonic crush, etc.)
4. What video game do you keep going back to, no matter how much time passes? If not a video game, maybe a book or tv series?
5. How badly has a fictional series made you cry, if at all? What was it?
6. If you had to choose a fantasy setting, would it be: in the mountains, in a forest, under the ocean, in a cave, or in the sky? Maybe a combination?
7. Any habits you realize you have that you're trying to break?
8. Are there any physical characteristics you possess that you disliked when you were younger? Do you like them now?
9. How do you cope with anxiety?
10. If you're going through a bout of low self-esteem or self-worth, how do you pick yourself up again?
oh whoops those questions got personal i'm sorry _(:3」 ∠)_

★Willing Victims★
"Willing" because I'm just tagging for the sake of it. Don't mind if you're not feeling up to it!
:iconthebottled: :iconlight-girl: :iconpickardie: :iconjunixz: :icongoldenlupe: :iconcinticinti: :iconyaeruu: :iconfoxyfur7: :iconoreogirl22: :iconcountryshiba:
If you were tagged by both me AND Pokeri, I feel like you've been given the privilege to choose which questions you'd prefer to answer. Even mix and match 'em ovo !! Unless you wanna do 20 lol
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Considering making a different account to hold my aspiring-webcomic art.

But otherwise, hello! I feel like I'm a friendly enough person who uses weird slang and feels awkward a lot so probably won't send the first message. ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

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